Audition Spotlight Contest Audio & Video

Hey There! The response to the free download of my script analysis has been HUGE! Thank you!

{A link to download the scripts is below the 2 videos – if you haven’t already gotten yours.}

People have been asking me for copies of the recordings to hear how I performed it so they can follow along with the scripts.

So I’m going to try and load the audio and videos here.

Here’s the Audio File of my initial entry to get me into the final 40:


Unfortunately there is no recording of the audition that got me into the Final 6, but the room was so noisy it wouldn’t have sounded very good.

BUT… my wife “The Lovely Ann” was able to capture the video of my¬† performance on stage. Here Are the Videos of Takes 1 & 2

Here’s Take 1

And Here’s Take 2

If you haven’t downloaded YOUR Free copy of my Script Analysis yet, here’s how you can do that:

Special Listener Download Opportunity!!

Download a free PDF of John’s marked up scripts and notes. They dissect what all the arrows and squiggles mean and how he approached the scripts that got him into the Final 6 at the That’s Voiceover Audition Spotlight!