Episode 17: How To Handle Projects That Are Against your Morals or Ethics

If you’ve been in the Voice Over world for any length of time, if it hasn’t happened already, you will eventually be approached by a prospective client, organization or business advocating something that might not square with your morals, values, ethic, beliefs, etc.

The debate sometimes centers on something like “If you’re a professional you sometimes need to set your personal feelings aside and do the job, because that’s what’s called for.”

That might work sometimes. But I believe you need to be true to yourself. Everyone sees the world through their own lens due to their particular set of experiences. What you might object to, might be perfectly acceptable to others.

If you’re in business for yourself, I believe you have the right to choose to work with the people you want to work with. I also believe you always do a better job for clients when you feel good about the projects you work on for them.

Personally, I need to look myself in the mirror. In my opinion, taking work just for the money is scarcity thinking. There’s always more opportunity in areas that you’re comfortable working in.

If There’s a Conflict, Here are 7 Things You Should Do

  1. Determine How Much of A Conflict There Is
  2. Bounce the Situation Off an Impartial Trusted Advisor
  3. Speak With the Person of Influence Directly
  4. Be Honest and Explain Your Conflict
  5. Don’t Say “I Can’t” – Takes away your power. Say “I need to decline this opportunity for those reasons.” Or something to that effect.
  6. Thank the person for understanding
  7. Be Firm.
  8. BONUS: Work from a script. Write your thoughts and points you want to be sure to make during your conversation.

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