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TVOMP_Episode_009 Dave Courvoisier Interview

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“Amoredine,” Soggy Towels Vs. Scratchy Towels, and Being Present. Plus… My Interview with Special Guest Dave Courvoisier

Intro piece is a spoof spot I wrote and produced for a made up pharmaceutical called “Amoredine” – Tongue planted firmly in cheek.

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Announcing “Meldawg’s Book Club”


Meldawg In the Woods

Years ago after a station concert I was imbibing a few beers with some colleagues at local pub when they – for some unknown reason – started referring to me as… (Click here to read more)

Being “Present”

Don’t be “This Guy.”


Don’t be “This Guy”

A past instructor of mine Alex Case posted something on facebook the other day describing the pictured activity where people shove their smartphones in the air to capture moments from a concert – and blocking the view of others.

His post combined with a comment during my interview with Dave Courvoisier generated a series of thoughts I had about the tension of technology and being present to the moment.

By the way, in the episode I mention a book written by Alex Case that I think is a fantastic resource for anyone recording and producing audio tracks.

Here’s a review I wrote on the book on Amazon.com:

I’ve had the benefit of taking courses from the author prior to this book being published. As a result I know his teaching style. The author’s style and voice comes through loud and clear in the text. It’s enjoyable to read while you’re learning some rather complex subjects.

Coming from a non engineering background I find the explanations of concepts clear and the graphics used to illustrate the concepts extremely helpful. This text will be useful for those wishing to learn more about the science behind the art.

If you want to know things like how to add a touch of reverb to make a voice pop through a music bed without having to simply lower the volume of the music; this book will show you how to do that and other production techniques in a way a non-techie will understand. It will also explain ‘why’ it works.

Having said that, this is not a “Sound Effects for Dummies” book either. This book goes in-depth. It will benefit those who have a technical/engineering background and are more “into the math” of sound and acoustics as well.

Access to the website with audio examples and the samples that are used to further illustrate the concepts is an invaluable resource that obviously took time to compile.

Investing the $39.95 for the knowledge “Sound FX” contains is a “no brainer” for anyone seriously interested in learning more about the science of sound and sound design.

– John Melley, www.JohnMelley.com

Dave Courvoisier


Dave Courvoisier

Dave is a voice actor, blogger, TV news anchor, renaissance man, perspicacious & itinerant prospector of social media, father and husband.

For the last 30 years, Dave has risen in the ranks of local TV, earning Emmy’s for various aspects of reporting, producing, and anchoring.  He currently anchors the 5, 6, and 11 o’clock weekday newscasts at the CBS affiliate in Las Vegas, NV:  KLAS-TV.  Dave is a graduate of the prestigious Poynter Institute’s curriculum on “Digital Media Strategies for Today’s Newsroom Managers.”

During our conversation Dave and I discuss;

  • His career
  • Using Social Media in Marketing
  • World Voices
  • Being Present
  • Tips on using social media for YOUR business and more.

Dave is also the marketing director for CommercialVoices.com, and E-Learningvoices.com, and serves on the Executive Board of World-Voices Organization, a Voice Talent Industry Trade Association.

Here’s how you can Connect with Dave:

Dave Courvoisier, Voice Actor
Las Vegas, NV
ISDN & Source Connect
Listen to Dave’s Demo NOW
Follow Dave on Twitter 
Friend Dave on FaceBook
See Dave’s profile on LinkedIn
Dave’s VO Blog: Voice-Acting in Vegas
Dave’s YouTube Channel

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