TVOMP 002: The Power of Association and Derek Chappell Interview

In this episode I share some thoughts about “Attitude and success” and Association – Who you “hang around with” and how it can affect your success.

I also interview Voice Over Talent and Attorney, Derek Chappell about social media and Twitter and ways that he’s used them to grow his voice over business.

Thoughts on The Power of Association

I heard marketing expert Frank Kern speak a couple of years ago and he talked about the importance of hanging out with the right people to help you achieve your goals. His example?

“If you hang out with a bunch of crackheads long enough, eventually you’re going to say ‘Hey, let me try some of that stuff.’ and BAM you’re a crackhead.”

Studies show that your income is the average of the 10 people you spend the most time with. We’re social creatures so we tend to morph to the groups we spend the most time with.

If you want to run a marathon, then it’s probably not a wise idea to spend a lot of time with people who spend their free time online in the basement playing video games ’til all hours of the morning while snacking on junk food.

If you want to quit smoking, it’s probably best to spend less time with those around you who still smoke.

If you want to start making more money, then it’s probably a good idea to start spending more time around folks who make more than you do.

This can be tough to do, particularly when close friends and family members start seeing you make changes. React they will. Some positively and some negatively.

Derek Chappell’s Interview ResourcesDerek profile picture

Here are the links to Derek Chappell’s web site and some of the social media tools that he uses and discusses during the interview.

Derek’s Web Sites and Social Media Pages:

Voiceover BlogTalk:

Social Media Tools:

Yoono is free software that allows you to connect and share with all your social networks and instant messaging services in one place.

Enhance your social media management with HootSuite, the leading social media dashboard.

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3 thoughts on “TVOMP 002: The Power of Association and Derek Chappell Interview

  1. Greg Elwell

    John – I enjoyed the podcast on the power of association and with Derek. Couple thoughts, I heard Scott Dinsmore of Live Your Legend say to surround yourself with passionate people who are doing remarkable things…the example and attitude wears off on you! Also, I just started using BufferAppfor finding and sharing content on social media according to your prearranged schedule. Works similar to HootSuite – but I find it easier to use. Thanks for the podcast!

  2. Jerry Fleishman

    John…quick note to say that I just finished listening to your new podcast. Great job! I have been following Derek’s blog for awhile, and it was nice to put a voice behind the face. The whole Social Networking challenge is a conundrum for us folks who still remember typewriters! And as both of you reported, the VO community is indeed very supportive, as I’m discovering.

    I have to tell you, coming from someone with a marketing background (14 years in the advertising agency business), I’m impressed with your marketing efforts. Keep those podcasts coming.

    All the best…

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