TVOMP_003 Are You Your Own Customer?

Episode 3:


Special Guest Greg Elwell

The guest on Episode 3 is Greg Elwell, a writer and thought leader helping content marketers grow their businesses. I had a great conversation with Greg that I know you’re going to get a lot from.

We talk about being authentic with yourself and your clients to grow a business you enjoy. We also discuss treating yourself as your customer – but not in the way you might initially think. There are some terrific nuggets in our conversation that I really think you’ll enjoy, so please stay tuned for that.

Boston Marathon:OneFundBoston

If you’d like to do something for the wounded or their families, please join me and consider making a donation to One Fund All the money raised will go directly to the survivors and families of those killed. As of this posting it has raised more than $27 million in 2 weeks since the attacks. Truly remarkable.

Here’s a link to One Fund

Thank You!

Greg Elwell’s Contact Information:

Greg’s Website:

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Twitter: @gregelwell

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Early to Rise Amazon Kindle book:

My First Amazon Kindle Book is NOW available Exclusively on Amazon Kindle!

The Book is an Introductory Guide to the world of Voice Overs for people relatively new to Voice Over.  Or it’s for people exploring the possibility of beginning a Voice Over career/hobby.

Tattly Designy (temporary tattoos, started as a “side project”)

This might be an interesting/inspirational link to share. It’s Tina Ross Eisenberg’s talk about side projects (one of which was Tattly):

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  1. Greg Elwell

    John – Thanks for having me on, it was great to be part of your show! That’s incredible about One Fund Boston raising $27 million. Boston Strong!

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